The Morrell Award

For Overall Excellence

Doug Morrell is the seminal military combat camera videographer. He joined the Army Air Corps in 1939 and recieved his initial training at the four major Hollywood studios. During World War II, Morrell was shot down twice while flying combat missions. The 2nd time he spent over four months as a POW in Bucharest. In 1969, in the thick of his third war, Vietnam, Morrell was again shot down over the Ho Chi Minh trail. With over 75 years of experience in videography, Morrell is still shooting and telling stories today.

The Ford Award

Excellence In Cinematography

John Ford is regarded as one of the best directors of all time. He currently holds the record for most Best Director Academy Awards with 4. Ford was a pioneer of location shooting and the long shot which frames his characters against a vast, harsh and rugged natural terrain. Ford entered the Navy shortly after the start of the World War II. His work included such titles as The Battle of Midway and December 7th, both of which won Academy Awards for Best Documentary. Ford later directed a team of US Coast Guard Combat Cameramen on Normandy Beach during the D-Day Invasions in 1944.

The Capra Award

Excellence In Editing

Frank Capra is best known as the creative force behind films like It’s A Wonderful Life and Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. Capra won a total of six Academy Awards, including 3 for Best Director. As a major in the Army Signal Corps, Capra produced the widely popular Why We Fight & Know your Enemy series. His work led to a Best Documentary Academy Award in 1942. Why We Fight is considered a masterpiece of propaganda and documentary filmmaking to this day and is still required viewing at most film and documentary courses at American colleges and universities.

The Viewers Choice Award

Most Online Views Over A Thirty Day Period

At the end of the workshop, all submitted videos are posted on the DC Shoot Off Video Workshop YouTube page. The video with the combination of the most views and likes wins the award.

This video workshop is part of the National Association of Naval Photography and their “Shoot Off Visual Media Workshops”, a not-for-profit program for military civil service photographers.